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Get To Know Me and My Why

Want to know the real reasons I started a blog? Find out here and get to know me in the process!

Hey there! I’m so glad you could make it on over to my page! If you do not know me already, my name is Victoria Karger but I go by Tori for short. Most of my friends call me “Tor” or “T” or more inappropriate nicknames I am hesitant to mention here. We are all friends here so cozy up… get comfortable and call me whatever you please! Now that all proper introductions have been made and we are now friends, I can tell you a secret. As I sat down to write my smashing, exciting, break all the walls down first ever blog post I did what I am sure every other person in the history of blog writing has done and googled “How to write my first blog post”. Of course, after my search I was feeling mostly confused, a tad fearful and very lost as to how in the hell I was supposed to start this bad boy. I have always been a creative person and fairly good at writing, so good that friends of mine would often ask me to write their emails to professors for them (YEAH… THAT GOOD LOL) but this was for real stumping me. After staring at my open word document for a few minutes, hoping that something totally professional and credible would fall on to the pages, I realized that that is just not me. I am in no way traditional; I might be an “eh” kind of professional and I’m sure the fact god who decides one’s credibility would not bless me with the title of “credible”! But I am good at a few things and it will all make sense in a moment.

First, I want to tell you a little bit about me. Just so all of you, my friends, can get an idea of who I am and why in the blazes I am doing this. When I was born my mom named me Victoria but banned my nickname from being “Vicky” because that name sounded like a 50-year-old woman whose lungs were about to give out due to a 30-year-old smoking habit. My parents divorced when I was 6 years old. I have two parents and step parents whom I love. I am the oldest of 5 children but we never all lived together so get that “Sound of Music” type idea out of your head. I went to school, rode the bus(not for very long), completed homework, made mistakes, had my first boyfriend, made friends, had birthdays, got my license, made more mistakes, got my heart broken, dated other people, completed tests and graduated… to sum it all up.

After graduating, I went to college. Now this is where things start to get really important when it pertains to the “Why am I doing this?” question. Looking back now, it is obvious to me that asking 18-year-olds to pick what they want to do for the rest of their lives, isn’t the brightest idea. In no way at 18 can you accurately assess what you would want to be doing in a couple of weeks let alone THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! Unless, you are one of those extremely motivated and intellectual individuals whom I am completely jealous of. So, I started college majoring in Psychology and joined a sorority. WOO! Everything was perfect and the cherry on top… I started dating someone too! Time passed, I went to class, changed my major to Communication, broke up with my boyfriend and floated from one thing to the other. I blew where the wind took me, I never was very interested in school and not because I couldn’t do the classwork or understand what was happening but because I had no motivation to succeed in what I was doing. Because I wasn’t DOING what I was MEANT TO DO. Now fast forward to the end of my happiness drained junior year of college when I met… THE ONE THE ONLY… Evan.

Right before I met Evan, I turned 21 and still had no idea who I was and had no idea how to figure that out. But I wanted to try and I knew who I wanted to be! I had been placing myself in solitary, journaling my feelings away like everyone tells you to do when you want to decipher your soul… LOL. I had been digging deeper into myself, unburying insecurities and having a full on “Discover yourself” boot camp, if you will. When the opportunity arose for me to meet Evan, I remember telling my mom, “This is it though Mom. I’m serious. If he doesn’t check all of my boxes, I’m not wasting my time.” Little did I know he was thinking the same thing. I won’t go in to the details of how we met just yet because I want to save that story for its own blog post. But what you all need to understand is that we were both tired of settling. Settling for that person who was not our person, settling with that life that every other person has because that is what society tells you that you have to do in order to be happy! We have broken every single “tradition” and relationship milestone that was confined by a time period. “You have to wait this long to tell someone you love them”, “You won’t be able to play baseball at a competitive level”, “You cannot quit college and you have to finish now”, “You can’t get engaged unless you have been dating at least a year but two years is more acceptable”, “You can’t have a baby before marriage” and the list goes on. I told Evan I loved him first and I told him that the second day I knew him. He said it back and meant it. Evan walked on to a baseball team, worked his butt off and was pitching for a D-1 by the end of his college career. I quit college because I felt it wasn’t my path. I sit here a year after Evan and I met and we are engaged AND now having a baby. And we are the happiest we have EVER been.

On this journey, I want to talk about fashion, beauty and creative things that I love to do, but most of all I want to talk about real life. I want to talk about those days when you are not feeling yourself and things that I practice to get through those days. I want to talk about how we can be confident in ourselves and in others, even when you do not want to sometimes. I want to talk about relationships and how they should empower and strengthen our hearts. Because no matter what dress you wear, or pair of shoes you put on, or brand of foundation or hairspray you use… that cannot make you feel as happy as doing what you want. Doing what you love and not being sorry for who you are or how you feel. Although, fashion and beauty can make life a little brighter and help with all of those things, they can’t take you the whole way. So, hop on this train with me and let’s go on a journey… I’m expecting this to be one of the most exciting and rewarding travels so far and would LOVE to share it with you all.

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