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Shop for the Deal! SAVE SAVE SAVE!

Hello loves! It is a BEAUTIFUL Wednesday to talk about anything and everything saving! YES, I know what you are thinking. “Thank God she is finally going to share the secrets with us!!” BUT as there is so much I could speak about under this category… I will only be sharing my favorites from one store today. As most of you know, I am due in a month and saving is at its prime right now with a newborn on the way. So, any time I can get a good deal… I snatch it up and shove it in my pocket! This store is somewhere that I often go, and I feel most people don’t know about it or have seen and just have not given it the time of day. And the reason I say this is because I had seen it many times on my way to a different location and just did not think twice about it. We are going to talk ALL about FIVE BELOW! If you do not know what Five Below is… it is a store that only sells things that are $5 or below, hence the name. If that does not make you want to run down the street screaming with joy, then I do not know what would. IT IS FANTASTIC!! My mother in law turned me on to this store just this year. She is a teacher, so she is always buying things for her classroom and this is her go to. And I am so glad I happened to be running errands with her one day because this is one of the closest places to heaven for a cheap shopper like me!(: They have everything from patio and bedroom decor to pool and dog toys to work out equipment to office supplies to clothing and accessories and much more! SO with that being said and with my enthusiasm seriously jumping off this screen lets get right into the good bits!

The first thing that I want to talk about is this off white circular faux leather purse. I wear it almost every day and it is amazing! If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen quite a few pictures of this. It is lightweight, has cute stitching detail and has held up great for being only $5! AND it does not just come in white! Y’all should have seen me trying to decide which color to get! I am a huge fan of pink and there was THE CUTEST blush pink choice and black as well. I went with off white just because I tend to wear simpler white purses in the spring/summer much more often. But with how much I have used this purse I think I am going to go back and get it in the other colors… for $10. You could go and buy all three for $15 y’all… let me say that again… 3 purses that are cute and sturdy for $15 altogether. *Jaw on the floor*

Next on the list is accessories. I recently had my baby shower and wanted to do something with a goddess type feel so when I found some gold hair cuffs at Five Below, I freaked! I wore my hair mostly down except one braid and put the hair cuffs in the braid for an accent. It was honestly a super easy hairstyle to do but the cuffs made it seem so intricate. Everybody was asking how I did it etc. I also wore some stackable gold rings that I bought too. I usually do not buy cheaper jewelry just because you can tell it is cheaper but for the price… this stuff does not look bad. Besides shopping for the shower, I have bought a set of earings and a necklace set that I get compliments on from here as well!

My second favorite thing that I have ever bought from Five Below are the Birkencrocs. Now I am sure you have never heard of this and it is because I made it up!(: LOL. Birkencrocs are a cross between Birkenstock sandals and Croc sandals. I LOVE MY BIRKENCROCS. They have the style of Birkenstocks but the material of Crocs. So basically, a rubber Birkenstock sandal and they are PERFECT for pool shoes. The best part about this buy and something that makes me shoot rainbows out of my eyeballs is that Academy and Target are selling THE SAME EXACT SHOES for around $10-$15. I bought mine for $5 and the same day went to Target and saw them for sale for $13. I have a friend who bought her pair at Academy for $10. This might not be a huge difference to some of you folks but to me this is a major “HA HA YEAH!” in the bargain books! Not to mention they are super comfortable, come in multiple colors, go up to size 10 and have also held up great. I mean they really have held up amazingly… I wear them 24/7.

I have also bought A TON of decoration for Tate’s nursery here as well. His crib canopy, cloud LED light, crocheted wall decoration and glass elephant were all bought here. And these are some of my favorite parts of his nursery y’all. I bought all these things together for around $20! It does not get much better than that.

Some of my favorite scores from Five Below are organizational finds. These are the last things I will blow your mind with today! Swear!(; I recently bought Evan and I some shoe organizers that have SAVED OUR LIVES. We have such a tiny closet right now and fitting all of our shoes was a big issue. They are selling shoe organizers in 3 different colors for only $4 each. I bought a pink and Evan got a black. They also have grey. All of our shoes are now off the floor and so amazingly hanging inside our mini closet! My eyes love the sight of it! Now*** little disclaimer about the shoe organizers… they do not hold bigger shoes very well. Evan wears a size 15 and it is kind of a struggle to fit his shoes in the pockets BUT for $4 why not try, right? I also just bought Evan a dry erase calendar and myself a planner. Since we are big kids now and have big kid bills… we needed a good way of keeping track of when everything was due. Knowing this, on one of my Five Below adventures I invested in the dry erase calendar for Evan and I bought myself a planner set. I paid $10 in total. The dry erase calendar came with a marker and a few magnets and the planner is so cute! It came with the planner book, some sticky notes, a pen, and some stickers. I really love these two items, especially because of their size. The calendar is perfect for a desk and the planner is small so I can throw it in my purse and pull it out any time I need to write anything down!

This place is perfect for families who are trying to save a buck or two and I definitely will not be slowing down any time soon. I only mentioned a few of the items they have in store and am patiently waiting for my next trip back. The next few things on my list are some t-shirts (they have an amazing selection), dog gear and patio décor! I CAN NOT WAIT! I even told Evan the other day that Five Below is a perfect treat for kids. Say, every time they make an A on a test, they get to pick something from Five Below. A $5 goody for a little kiddo who has put in the work! That sounds like too much fun! I hope that this post inspires you to find more ways to save AND makes you as excited as I am to go spend and save at the same time! This really is a great resource that I wish more people knew about so with that being said… I am hopping off but do not forget… you can ALWAYS reach me on here via the chat box, my email torikarger04@gmail.com and Instagram direct messages! Till next time my loves!! Go treat yourself!

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