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Style That Bump

Hi ladies… and gentlemen if you are reading! I have been getting so many questions on how to style your baby bump. So, I decided to do a post on…YES YOU GUESSED IT… maternity fashion! I am SO excited to talk about this today because I would seriously be a full-time pregnancy stylist if ever possible. Figuring out that you are going to be a mother is an amazing experience! But sometimes the idea of your potential baby bump is more satisfying than when you have it. Your body changes drastically and I know at least for me, learning how to dress my new body was a learning experience. But once I got the hang of it, my entire perception of my body changed, and I even began to appreciate myself more! And that’s what this is all about right? Love, whether it is for your little one or yourself. It is so important to feel comfortable and confident during this time because your baby feels everything that you do! With that being said, I have several tips and tricks about dressing your body when pregnant to share today. A short interlude before we begin…all practices that I have learned and am posting here today, are ones that I have learned through trial and error for my body specifically. So, every tip might not apply to you and this post might be a bit lengthy but don’t fret, there will be some things for you to take away today! So, bear with me and let’s dive right in!

I want to start off by stating some of the things that I didn’t know would be happening to my body and some of the stages I didn’t expect to go through before I got pregnant. Because these are very important if you’re looking to prepare for the upcoming months. The first trial I sat before was the fact that I did not know I was pregnant until ten weeks, so I started showing very shortly after I found out. This was uncomfortable for me at first because it was still quite chilly outside, and I had NO pregnancy pants. Every single time I ate, needed to sit or really do anything I would wear my pants unbuttoned LOL. So naturally I resorted to leggings and even when I tried that, the waistline hit right on my belly button which cut off circulation to the rest of my tummy. So, my first tip for all new mommies is all about the bottom half because this is where you see changes first.

Shoot on over to Motherhood or any kind of maternity store near you!! Like now!! I recommend at least two pairs of maternity jeans and two pairs of maternity shorts. A light and dark pair of each. Jean pants and shorts are an absolute staple in the closet. You’re going to have a hard time creating looks that you are satisfied with and being comfortable if you don’t have these items. Typically, when buying maternity clothes, the clothes are meant to be sized by what you were before pregnancy to enable finding your fit. So, if you were a medium in shorts you are a medium in maternity shorts and so forth. Now, I know maternity clothing can be more on the pricey side so if you can’t afford to go to the maternity store, go thrifting! THERE IS NO SHAME IN THE THRIFT GAME! Goodwill has some awesome deals in stores and online on maternity clothing. Jeans as low as $8 y’all!

Second, maternity bras. Now… I really tried to work with the bras I fit in to prior to pregnancy but it was not worth it. I DID NOT expect my chest to grow so much and I wish I would have picked up some more comfortable bras sooner. You can buy these at any maternity store or target from $20 to $40 each depending on the bra. If you also want to buy just regular bras that are bigger feel free but keep in mind, they won’t have the built-in nursing clips. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, a nursing bra has clips on each strap of the bra that you can unclip to fold down the cup in order to breast feed efficiently. I have one nursing bra and the rest I bought in bigger cup sizes.

Now that we are done with comfort, we can start talking fashion! WOOHOO! The best part! My favorite tips and tricks for styling the bump are… buying anything and everything high waisted or empire waisted, knotting, belting, and shoe choice (it’s so important!).

Now I’m sure everyone here understands what “high waisted” is, but if you don’t know what an “empire waist” is, it is a waistline that hits right below the breast. Your bump will start in the lower abdomen then grow larger towards the breast area so these waistlines are ideal. I will ONLY buy stretchy skirts, jumpers, pants, shorts or dresses that are high waisted or empire waisted since the clothing hits over the top of my bump. Tops that share this style are amazing as well! Most of my clothing in general, I buy at Marshalls…since everything is around $15 and that’s full price. Sometimes you can find awesome pieces in the clearance area for even cheaper. WE LOVE A GOOD DEAL! And I ALWAYS try on. I have found it so hard to order clothing online not only because I am never sure about size, but also because if the waistline hits lower than the top of my bump, I literally look like the Grinch in the scene where he is trying on outfits. “Ooooh, ahhhh… that’s it, I’m not going!!” We can’t have any of that! So, try to shop in store just so you can try on to A) see where the waistline hits and B) switch out sizes if needed. Here are a few outfits where I implemented this little trick. See where the waistline hits? Perfect!

Knotting and belting. Say it with me now! Knotting and belting! If you ever have something that doesn’t have a waistline and you want your bump to pop out… knot it or belt it! You want to do this right above the bump as if you’re creating that high waist or empire waist. My favorite way to knot a shirt is wearing a dress and throwing a cute shirt or t-shirt over it… then knotting that shirt or t-shirt over the bump. I typically only belt with dresses that don’t have a sewn in waistline. You can find belt sets at Marshalls for around $10!! This means you get several belts in different colors for $10 y’all! Super easy and super cute! If you don’t know how to knot your shirts or if you are wanting to spice up the way your belt looks…head to my story highlight named “tips and tricks” where I will show you exactly how to do that! Below are some knotting and belting outfits. Remember, if you have any questions just message me via the blog, email me at torikarger04@gmail.com or Instagram dm me!

***Side note: Both high waistlines and empire waistlines are also perfect for that stage when your bump just looks like a beer gut LOL. This is usually in the second trimester, but it really depends on your body type and the person in general. The bigger and bigger you get, the more comfortable and flowy you will want outfits to be. Dresses are THE BOMB. Especially since the need to go to the restroom increases… it is so easy to lift the dress up and go!

Finally… and my favorite part of an outfit… SHOES! I have always been a flat sandal type of gal but once I started having extra weight on my feet, I needed more support. Designer Shoe Warehouse(DSW), has some awesome deals on comfortable, designer, platform sandals. You can usually buy shoes there for at least $15 cheaper than you normally would, say, at Dillard’s. But platforms, platforms, platforms… they have saved my life. Although, I will wear a flat sandal on a day with little to no walking… but on days that I know I will be on my feet, I will go platforms all the way.

Well guys! Those are all my tips and tricks I have for you so far! I know this post was jam packed with information so if you made it this far… thank you thank you thank you for reading! I really hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks and I hope to see some of you applying them to your bump looks. Till’ next time! Bye loves.

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